A message of thanks from Trócaire

06th September 2011
An extract of a message I received from Trócaire on 6th September 2011:

"Many thanks again for inviting Trócaire's participation in your wonderful talk last night. Your generosity, along with that of the attendees, will help to ensure that life saving aid will continue to reach those in greatest need in East Africa.

You heard last night how many families, such as Ellela's (pictured below) are struggling to survive on as little as €0.60 a week;

'If there are no people with the good heart to help us, we will die, of that I am certain.'

I am delighted to say that a staggering total of €556.25 was raised last night, 100% of which will go directly towards supporting Trócaire's emergency response to the drought in East Africa. This donation will feed 16 families for one month by providing them with household packs which include 45 kgs of maize, 6 kgs of beans and 2.4 litres of vegetable oil.

Your life saving support will help to ensure the survival of Ellela, her family, and thousands more like them."

Adrian Hendroff would like to extend sincere thanks to Basecamp, The Irish Times, The Irish Examiner and The Challenge Hikers for the time and support in organising and publicising the event. And thank you for everyone who turned up and donated. Your generosity has made a difference.

Someone on Facebook commented: "Kelly Marie's presentation on Kenya, Somalia & Ethiopa revealed the desperate plight of those suffering as a result of the worst drought in decades. Adrian's photographs show just how privileged and fortunate we are to live on this truly beautiful island in the Atlantic."

"These people have very little hope and no food or drink, the basic necessities of life, .... so every little helps. Remember only around 150 years ago, we too have had a famine in Ireland. A gift from the heart is best, without expecting anything in return. To me, there is much generosity in humanity, and last night was an example on how kind people can be with their time in our busy and hectic lifestyles. Many thanks to all and sincere regards." - Adrian Hendroff